My Five Month Report On My New Mondeo Estate Hybrid:​

So recently we asked one of our customers at Birchwood Ford in Hastings to tell us what he thought of the New Ford Mondeo Hybrid, he's given us a write up and told us how much he loves it. We couldn't be more pleased with how he and his wife feel since purchasing, We hope you enjoy it and we thought we'd share A Day in The Life of a Hybrid...

Bought : Summer 2019.

Traded in my KUGA Titanium, Sport X. 3 Years Old. I Loved This Car.

Purchased : Birchwood Ford, Hastings St. Leonards.

A Great Dealership with excellent people.

Took the Mondeo Hybrid Estate for a test drive in the company of My Wife . She tested the interior

for comfort and design. Very pleased with the result. A great feeling of Luxury and Comfort. A very

high rating for the whole Interior.

Driver Experience : 

Driving position is very good . It has memory for three different positions.

Remote control mirrors and positioning excellent.

Luggage space great. Family to airport and Holidays plenty of space.

Hybrid : What a joy to drive this car. Power is available at all times and this is a Powerful Vehicle.

The Electric part of the Hybrid Power takes care of itself. It is a very intelligent setup but the driverneed not be involved or may be if desired. 

The display has a simple Coaching system graphic to help get the Best out of the Battery / Hybrid /Fuel Consumption.

Fuel Consumption :

This is unbelievable. My Fuel used on a 250 Mile Holiday trip with Full

Passengers and Luggage returned an average of 54.8 Miles /Gallons. Pulled into a garage to top up

as I thought my Instrument was not reading correct. Believe me it was correct. This trip was mixed

driving, Queue for Dartford Crossing, Motorway and A Roads. Average around Town / London is 49 /

55 mpg. With assisted start ,Engine auto stop, Hybrid this is a dream to drive. There are so many

clever additions that make this car a great car. The most hassle free car I have had.

The Use of the Coaching Graphic is simple but increases your average M.P.G. Greatly

Loved My Kuga but Love the Mondeo Hybrid even More.