The Ford Ranger Raptor

To say that we're impressed with the All-New Ranger Raptor would be an understatement. Power, precision and performance are some of the key ingredients that went into this remarkable powerhouse of modern engineering. Here at Birchwood Ford, we've had the chance to see if the Ranger Raptor really does live up to it's reputation.

"This is a machine built for fun and performance beyond anything else I have driven in this vehicle range."

Having sold Raptors over the last few months I was eager to get behind the wheel and properly drive one for the first time, and The Raptor did not disappoint! From the first step up into the vehicle from the strengthened alloy side step it was a buzz. I knew this would be a fun night! When I started the car it wasn’t like any other standard Ranger I have driven before, no, this is a machine built for fun and performance beyond anything else I have driven in this vehicle range. From the moment you start the Raptor it gives you this sense of excitement and joy!

The front dash and seating is that similar to a sports car with 6 different drive modes to manage every obstacle in your way. That paired with the upgraded FOX Pro Suspension, it really is a dream to drive in all areas. The sports seats hold you more like an RS than a Ranger and the 2.0 EcoBlue 10 Speed Gearbox is the smoothest I’ve ever driven even compared to a normal retail vehicle. The power that is behind this vehicle is just absolutely phenomenal!

It just wants you to test it every second you’re in it. Even when you look at the Raptor from the outside with the unique Raptor Front Grill and widened front and rear wheel arches, it’s a vehicle that you just can’t wait to get in and see what she can do. All in all this vehicle is one mean machine, with the performance to back it up. As stated earlier it is like the RS version of a pick-up. I simply love it!

Ross Gibson, Ford Halland

"It really is a force to be reckoned with."

Test driving the Ford Ranger Raptor may seem a daunting task, considering the overall size of the vehicle. To be honest I couldn’t be more wrong. With excellent visibility throughout the cabin, along with that unique styling, it clearly stands out compared to other vehicles in its class, and to all other cars on the road. This makes driving it feel very safe, and very easy. The rugged exterior gives it that near perfect balance of a modern workhorse. Combining this with new styling features such as the blacked out Ford Grille, it really is a force to be reckoned with!

When going into the inside, it’s simply just a great place to be - stylish and slick interior finishes, such as the heated front seats and partial leather seating, with smart little Raptor decal finishes on the seats, to remind you this isn’t just any old off-roader. The Ford performance touches on the dash are easy to read, with the smart black and rear blend on the background. Moving into the back of the truck, there’s enough space for all, whether it’s just yourself behind the wheel, or you’re accommodating for a family of 5. Perfect for work or for your summer holidays, the Raptor also has those all-important Iso-Fix points to the rear - to use the term ‘multi-purpose vehicle’ doesn’t really do the Raptor justice!

Driving through the town, the Raptor is incredibly easy to drive, thanks to the light weight steering which allows you to take corners at ease, with limited roll. It also comes with a perfect quality rear view camera, making it so much easier to park in those tighter spots.

Overall the Raptor is a brilliant option for being the perfect balance of a work vehicle, but could also be a family car. The Raptor also gives you the versatility to go off road at any time, thanks to the tweaks the Ford Performance team have made to the chassis, to give it a smooth and comfortable ride along any terrain.

This really is a great vehicle and I loved every minute of it!

Ben Ralph, Ford Hastings

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