The Ford Performance Event

An Insight Into The Details, Designs and The Main Event

We held our Performance Event between 15th - 18th August and it gave as a chance to display the selection of new Ford vehicles we have including the All-New Focus ST, Ford Fiesta ST, New Mustang and of course the New Ford Ranger Raptor. We held our 4 day event to give an overview of each vehicle and for a chance for all our wonderful customers to come along and see them all up close and to be able to ask in person any questions or give their thoughts on the new selection. These much anticipated vehicles did NOT disappoint when arriving at our FordStore in Hastings.

The Sussex RSOC

We also had a brilliant turnout from The Sussex RSOC who are a group with a passion for ANYTHING FORD... Owners of any model of the Ford Marque, RS, XR, ST, Zetec S, Ghia, Vignale and many more. They bought a brilliant collection of cars along with them and as always enjoyed seeing new models to add to the FORD collection. There turnout and support is always appreciated and we are glad they attend our events as much as they do.

All in all the event was a brilliant success and we had a huge turnout which was fantastic. Thank you to everyone who came and we hope you enjoyed the event and look forward to seeing some of you who are inspired by the outstanding driving dynamics with Ford Performance-inspired styling to pop in and make some enquiries.