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Ford Roof
Ford Roof Ford Roof Rails Longitudinal roof rails are standard on many, but not all, Ford models. If your vehicle does not have factory-fitted roof rails, they can be retro-fitted on most Ford vehicles. Designed specifically for your model, Ford roof rails are lightweight, aerodynamic and complement the styling of your vehicle. Ford Cross Bars Designed specifically for each Ford model, cross bars attach to roof rails and form the perfect base for a wide range of roof transportation attachments. Genuine Ford cross bars are stylish and aerodynamic. Made from lightweight materials, they are designed to minimise wind noise and the impact on fuel consumption. They are also easy to fit and lockable, for protection against theft. Ford Roof Base Carriers Ford roof base carriers are available for selected Ford models. Designed specifically for your Ford, roof base carriers are fitted directly to the roof of the vehicle, without the need for roof rails. Designed to be lightweight, easy to fit and lockable, Ford roof base carriers form a secure and safe platform for your roof transportation attachments. Tailored to fit your vehicle perfectly, original equipment mats are engineered to Ford’s specific requirements, ensuring that they not only fit safely, but also resist soiling, fading and heat ageing, as well as fogging, which can cause a film on the inside of the windscreen. Made from non-slip materials, genuine Ford mats are engineered with safety in mind, to avoid slipping and interference with the pedals. Designed from materials and colours which complement the interior trim of your vehicle, they look great too.
Boot Liner
Boot Liner Boot liners are becoming increasingly popular and for many customers are now a 'must have' accessory. Made from heavy-duty, non-slip materials, they protect the carpet in your boot from mud, dirt and spillages and help keep your car looking as great as the day you bought it. The rubberised material is easy to wipe clean and simply makes life easier. So whether it’s your wellies, child’s buggy or set of golf clubs, you’ll never think twice about popping your muddy gear in your boot. And, of course, our boot liners are designed specifically for your vehicle, so you can be assured that they’ll fit