Ford Technology Explained

Each new Ford car and van along with many of our quality approved used vehicles come equipped with a variety of Ford Technology. The features within each Ford vehicle contribute greatly to their overall comfort, safety and practicality which goes a long way to explaining why Ford is the leading automotive brand within the UK with many cars like the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus being the most purchased vehicles ever.

Below is some helpful information about each of the great Ford Technologies such as Active Park Assist, MyKey and the award winning Ecoboost technology. If you would like to learn more, contact us today and a member of our team will be able to provide you with further information.

FordPass is a new application giving you access to Ford MarketPlace, Perks, and guides, helping you Go Further.
Bumper sensors that can detect movement and automatically open the boot
Intelligent sensors that detect objects that are in a driver's blind spot. The system will notify the driver if there is a vehicle in your blind spit when changing lanes.
Intelligent wipers that upon detection of moisture immediately become activated
a Camera helping you look past obstructed views which help drivers foresee hazards at junctions
Smart Headlight Technology allows you to see hazards in darkness using headlights that work independantly
Calculating exactly how much torque to deliver to which wheels, this intelligent technology helps to improve grip and handling.
Ford Sync with Text Reader offers full integration from your smart phone to the central media centre of your Ford Car or Van.
Active Park Assist provides dynamic assistance when parking your car with on-screen instructions and audible alerts.
Help keep younger drivers safe with Ford MyKey which enables you to apply certain restrictions to your vehicle such as maximum audio levels, maximum speeds and removing the ability to turn off driver safety features like traction control and electronic stability.
The award winning Ford Ecoboost technology provides a highly efficient motoring experience with an engine the size of an A4 piece of paper. There are plenty of variants available with different power outputs across the Ford vehicle range.
Ford's Electronic Stability Programme is designed to maintain the grip, stability and ride quality of your Ford vehicle whilst you drive. Adverse weather conditions and road surfaces along with high speed and tight turns can all affect your vehicle performance.
Active City Stop from Ford is designed at prevent collisions within towns and cities by identifying rapidly changing road conditions ahead in order to stop your vehicle before an accident can occur.
Clear your windscreen of front and ice rapidly whilst keeping your windscreen from steaming up during the rain with Ford Quickclear Windscreen technology.
Prevent the wrong fuel from being added to your car and stop fuel theft by preventing siphoning.
Get a better view of what's behind you, with an integrated camera and screen for when you're reversing.
Get instant notifications if the pressure in your tyres is too low or if sudden drops are identified as a result of a puncture.
Monitoring the road ahead, your Ford will alert you if it thinks you are distracted or need a break in order to improve safety.
Hill starts are made easier with brakes being automatically applied until you're ready to pull away.
Ensure you stay within your lane when driving on the motorway, with alerts being generated if you start to stray.
Pulling a trailer can seriously affect the handling of your vehicle. This technology helps to reduce adverse effects.
Efficient technologies designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, including the award winning EcoBoost engine.
Get real time information on all of your fleet vehicles to make the most informed business decisions.