Ford’s Active Noise Control

As one of the nation’s favourite brands, Ford has a wide range of intelligent technologies to enhance the everyday. Whether for safety, performance, or entertainment, the various technologies can be found in the latest Ford cars, and are providing drivers with an enjoyable experience every time.

The latest addition to Ford’s range of intelligent safety features is the Active Noise Control. Using state-of-the-art design that can be seen in noise-cancelling headphones, Active Noise Control ensures that your drive is no longer disturbed by the standard noises that occur when driving.

Excessive noise can sometimes hinder the relaxation of a drive, or the enjoyment of music. For example, driving over a bumpy road can bring on a whole disturbance of noise in the cabin. With Ford’s Active Noise Control, microphones which are located in the cabin are able to monitor outside noise. This can include engine and powertrain noise, extreme weather, i.e. wind, and any rough terrain in the road. The intelligent system is then able to analyse the outside sounds, and generate sound waves through the music to remove the unwanted noise and blend it in with whatever you are listening to.

Active Noise Control is not only designed to prevent your favourite album or podcast from being disturbed, but it also enables safer driving as it helps you to concentrate. You will also be able to communicate more clearly with other people in your vehicle.

Ford’s new range of technologies can be found in models such as the all-new Fiesta, the all-new Focus and the all-new C-Max, as well as many other Ford cars that have been released in 2017.

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