Ford Auto-Start-Stop technology

Save fuel and relax with Ford Auto-Start-Stop. This helpful piece of technology is available on many new Ford cars, either as standard or as an addition through the various trim levels and options lists.

What is Ford Auto-Start-Stop?

Ford Auto-Start-Stop, or automatic start/stop technology, is a system that stops the engine from revving when you’re at a standstill in traffic or at lights. The engine will halt when you are stopped and take your foot off the accelerator and clutch. It starts again when you press your foot back down on the accelerator. Rather than completely cutting the power, it just stops the engine while still keeping the electrical systems working, so your headlights, radio, CD player and air conditioning will keep operating.

How Ford Auto-Start-Stop works

As soon as you take your foot off the clutch and accelerator, the engine cuts fuel supply and the spark to stop it from revving. It’s all done through the engine computer, which recognises when the engine is not in use.

To start moving again, all you have to do is place your foot back on the clutch or remove it from the brake. The engine will kick back into action in less than half a second. If you have only been driving for a few minutes, Auto-Start-Stop may not work because it won’t be warm enough to restart easily.

If you prefer not to use Auto-Start-Stop but it is fitted in your car, you can simply press a button featuring a capital ‘A’ in a circular arrow to switch it off.

The benefits of Ford Auto-Start-Stop

The primary purpose of this technology is to help you save on fuel, by stopping the engine when it isn’t in use. According to the Ford Escape’s Chief Engineer, it is like ‘turning off the lights when you leave a room’. For the driver, this means better fuel economy, and for the environment, it means minimised emissions. In fact, it is projected to improve fuel efficiency by six percent.

When you’re crawling through traffic or waiting for a long time at traffic lights, it also gives you a chance to relax with the engine stationary. By reducing vibration and noise from the engine, it sets a calmer ambience in your car.

Which Ford models have Auto-Start-Stop?

Birchwood Ford has the latest information on this innovative piece of technology and can advise you on which models boast Auto-Start-Stop. Contact us today at Eastbourne, Hastings or Halland to find out more.

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