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Ford’s Blind Spot Information System, explained

One of the innovative safety technologies now offered on Ford vehicles is the all-new Blind Spot Information System (BLIS). We’ve put together this short guide to explain what it is.

What is BLIS?

BLIS is a new technology that is designed to detect, and alert you to vehicles in your blind spot when changing lanes on motorways and dual carriageways.

It is not designed to replace rear-view mirrors or checking over your shoulder – rather a safety net in case you miss something when checking yourself. BLIS is especially useful on larger cars, which tend to have a larger blind spot.

How does BLIS work?

BLIS uses a series of sensors to check for other vehicles. The area it checks extends backwards, from the door mirrors to approximately three metres behind the rear bumper. If it detects a car in your blind spot, a yellow light will illuminate in the wing mirror – either left or right depending on where the other car is.

Why is it useful?

BLIS is a safety system first and foremost, designed to help prevent accidents. In doing so, it helps to prevent injuries to you and others, and costly insurance claims as a result of an accident.

What cars come with BLIS?

BLIS is offered on a range of Ford vehicles as an optional extra.

You can specify BLIS on the following new Ford models:

  • Focus
  • C-MAX and Grand C-MAX
  • Kuga
  • Mondeo
  • S-MAX
  • Edge
  • Galaxy

Anything else I should know?

BLIS sensors can default or malfunction if covered in snow or mud. A quick wipe, however should solve the problem.

If you are towing a vehicle with a factory-fitted tow bar, you should note that BLIS will deactivate. Your caravan or trailer moves can cause false alerts, which can prove distracting.

BLIS only looks for motorised vehicles and won’t detect pedestrians or cyclists. Always take care when turning and check your mirrors before manoeuvring.

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