Ford Door Edge Protector

With Ford’s innovative Door Edge Protector, you can now park without fear of costly scrapes and bumps. This new technology has you covered in even the tightest of spots.

What is Ford’s Door Edge Protector?

In the UK it is reported that 53 percent of drivers sustain some form of damage to their vehicles while parking. Scratches and dents are a reality for many car owners in the congested cities of the UK, and often come with significant repair costs. Ford’s engineers in Germany have responded with the Door Edge Protector: a highly functional design which protects the car door’s edge from neighbouring vehicles and obstacles when you park.

How does it work?

Available on selected Focus models, the Door Edge Protector automatically springs into position whenever the front or rear door is opened. It takes a fraction of a second for a protective flap to retract from its concealed position in the door, making it ideal for even the most narrow of parking spaces. It forms a defensive barrier at a door opening gap of less than 15cm, and extends seamlessly with a minimum of noise. As well as protecting against 90 percent of obstructions to the front doors, the Door Edge Protector prevents damage from 85 percent of obstructions to the rear, making it ideal for drivers with children.

Available on the Ford Focus, the Door Edge Protector prevents damage to the door’s paint and body work smoothly, without interfering with the car’s performance or appearance. It is durable, using a rubber compound to ensure that the Door Protector can endure thousands of usage cycles. A clutch mechanism, which prevents damage to the flap should it snag on an obstacle when returning to its position, makes the Door Edge Protector even more robust and responsive.

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