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What is FordPass and FordPass Connect?

  • FordPass is our free mobile application for all Ford customers. Customers can use this to accesstheir vehicle information (on SYNC 3® equipped vehicles) on their mobile, plan their journeys, oruse a number of other useful features. For example, customers can use the app to make an onlineservice booking (coming soon) or to hire a van if they need a larger vehicle.
  • FordPass Connect is an integrated modem with SIM that connects the car to the Internet. Themodel will stay updated with automatic software updates and customers can access newconnected vehicle features such as Live Traffic or Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • FordPass + FordPass Connect is the combination to use the full potential of both the FordPassapp and the integrated modem, giving customers access to features like remote lock/unlock,remote start (Focus automatic vehicles only*) and vehicle locator.

How to make the most of FordPass

View Ford's easy step by step video guides to set up and make the most of FordPass all it's features:

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FordPass & FordPass Connect Features:

Peace of Mind

The eCall is a life saving feature that is designed to reduce the time between a serious accident happening and emergency services assistance being provided. If there has been an accident ​FordPass Connect can automatically carry out an eCall to the emergency services and give them your vehicle’s location. You are also able to press an SOS button in your car to contact the emergency services directly if you ever witness an accident or require emergency assistance.

Up-to-date Traffic Information

​Live Traffic enhances your SYNC 3 Navigation system by providing real-time updates on traffic every 30 seconds. This is Ford's most accurate and up-to-date navigation system ever, and includes traffic information for all roads, rather than just the major roads. The technology will then alter your recommended route based on the current traffic conditions, helping you to arrive more relaxed and on time. Live Traffic is complementary with FordPass Connect for the first two years.­

In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspots

Stay online without using your phones data allowance with the benefit of in-car Wi-Fi hotspot which gives you speeds of up to 4G LTE. You are able to connect to a maximum of 10 devices with 4G WiFi, use your favourite streaming services and make those long journeys more enjoyable. FordPass Connect comes with 3 months or 3GB of complementary data. After which you can then purchase data bundles to suit you from Vodafone.

Remote Locking and Unlocking

Using the FordPass app, you can lock and unlock your vehicle remotely. This easy to use feature gives you peace of mind if you are unable to remember if you locked your car. Also, if you want to let a friend, family member, or someone else access your vehicle, but you are unable to meet them in person or be there, you don't need to worry - you can unlock the doors with a tap of the app.

Vehicle Monitoring

Utilising the Vehicle Status feature you have the ability to check your car is on optimal condition before your next journey. You can check the fuel level, mileage and tyre pressure all from the app. You also have the added benefit of finding your way back to your car if you have parked it in a busy or unfamiliar place just use the map in the FordPass app to locate your car's exact location.

Download the App Today

The App is available to download on Android and Apply from Google Play and the AppStore below. If you would like any more information on the new platform, contact us in branch, and we'd be happy to help. In order to be linked to us, and for the best customer experience, choose us as your favoured dealership on the app. 

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Unsure how to get the best out of FordPass and all its features? View the helpful FordPass guides available by clicking below: