Ford Hands-Free Tailgate

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About Ford Hands-Free Tailgate

Ford is developing all sorts of technologies to make living with your car easier, more convenient and more comfortable. One such development is Hands-Free Tailgate.

What is Hands-Free Tailgate?

It is a convenient piece of technology that can be fitted to a range of Ford’s larger vehicles. It means you can open the boot when you’ve got your hands full, using clever sensors and gesture controls.

How does Hands-Free Tailgate work?

Your car, if fitted with Hands-Free Tailgate, will automatically detect if you have the key on your person (whether they are in your pocket, hand or bag). Then just use a kicking motion with your foot underneath the rear bumper, and open sesame! The boot will automatically and gently open, letting you load up in seconds.

When you’re done, just kick again and it will slowly (and securely) close. The only stipulation is that the key must be within 1.5 metres of the boot opening.

Why is Hands-Free Tailgate useful?

It’s designed for taller vehicles where the height of the boot lid (when open) could be difficult to reach for shorter drivers, children or those who use wheelchairs.

Even if you are tall or reaching wouldn’t prove difficult, it’s especially helpful for those times when you’ve got your hands full, or when you are fumbling around for your keys or boot release buttons. For instance, when you are loading up heavy luggage or it’s raining heavily and you want to take shelter as soon as possible.

What Ford car models the technology is available with?

You can specify the following vehicles with Hands-Free Tailgate as an optional extra:

  • Ford Kuga
  • Ford C-MAX and Grand C-MAX
  • Ford S-MAX
  • Ford Galaxy
  • Ford Edge (Zetec trim)

Hands-Free Tailgate is also included as standard on Titanium and Sport editions of the Ford Edge, and the new Ford Kuga Vignale and Ford Edge Vignale.

You can learn more about this and other Ford technology at Birchwood Ford in Eastbourne, Hastings and Halland (Lewes).