Ford Hill Start Assist

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What is Ford Hill Start Assist?

When your vehicle comes to a stop on an incline, particularly a steep one, pulling away again can be quite challenging especially if there is a lot of traffic or you need to in a small amount of time. With the Ford Hill Start Assist system, hill starts are much easier to complete as the system holds the vehicle in place whilst you operate the controls to pull away safely. This facility even works in reverse so whether you're going up or down hill, you can focus on controlling the vehicle as you move away without worrying about rolling.

How Does it Work?

The Ford Hill Start Assist system uses the vehicle's brakes to hold it in place whilst you operate other controls in order to move away safely. For about two seconds the brakes will remain engaged and will automatically dis-engage when you begin to drive off. Built in sensors work in conjunction with the on-board computer systems to calculate the level of incline and the amount of brake power needed.

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