Ford Lane Keeping Alert

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What is Ford Lane Keeping Alert?

Keeping your concentration on long journeys can be difficult especially at night or if you have children in the car. The results of this of course can be dangerous and something as simple as crossing lanes by accident can have serious consequences. With the Ford Lane Keeping Alert, if your vehicle starts to cross lanes you will be given an alert so that you can correct the situation accordingly.

How Does it Work?

A camera is positioned at the top of the windscreen in order to get the best view of the road ahead of you. It uses lane markings along with your speed and direction to determine where you are currently positioned and where it anticipates you to be. If your vehicle starts to deviate from where it should be or starts to cross the lane markings you will be alerted accordingly. Of course if you mean to change lanes and have your indicators active, the system will not alert you.

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