Ford Technology – Multi-Contour Seat with active motion massage

If you always get out of your vehicle feeling achy and drained after a long journey, you may simply need a specialist car seat. Whether you regularly suffer from back pain, or simply experience some discomfort or fatigue after sitting at length in a car, the Multi-Contour Seat could transform car travel for you.

The Multi-Contour Seat provides the ultimate comfort in car travel. Designed in conjunction with doctors, the seat contains eleven cushions which can be set to give you a gentle spa-style massage during your journey. There is no risk of being distracted while you drive, as the massage effect is very subtle and will not affect your concentration.

The seat also offers excellent lumbar support, which is helpful to your back even when the massage function is not in use. The 10-way adjustment feature means it is easy for you to alter the position of the seat to suit you and offer maximum comfort and support for your back.

The seat offers additional comfort with its heating and cooling features. When the temperature outside rises, let the Multi-Contour Seat’s climate control keep you cool. In wintertime, switch on the heat function for a warm, soothing sensation around your back.

Drivers notice a significant reduction in back ache and fatigue after using the Multi-Contour Seat, with 80 percent of customers finding it more comfortable than a standard seat. This is backed up by medical evidence, with doctors reporting that muscle tension can be reduced by up to 60 percent simply by using the Multi-Contour Seat.

The seat is available for both drivers and passengers, and are available for Ford vehicles such as the Mondeo and the Galaxy.

Take the strain out of driving with a Multi-contour seat from Ford Technology.