Quickclear Heated Windscreen

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What is Quickclear Heated Windscreen Technology?

When your windscreen visibility is adversely affected by external factors such as ice, snow and condensation, Quickclear heated windscreen technology will rapidly clear the windscreen so that your view is no longer hindered, allowing you to begin your journey safely or to maintain your visibility during transit. Even if your windscreen is severely frozen, the Quickclear windscreen will clear in a matter of minutes meaning you spend less time having to prepare your car for its journey.

How does Quckclear Heated Windscreen Technology work?

In a similar way to your heated rear windscreen, a small electrical current is run through your front windscreen in order to generate heat. This heat will then counteract the adverse weather conditions effects on visibility, with frozen ice melting and with condensation in heavy rain being cleared. To learn more about Quickclear heated windscreen, contact us today.