Ford Rear Inflatable Seatbelt

What is Ford’s rear inflatable seatbelt?

Ford is always looking for ways to make car journeys as stress-free and safe as possible, hence the inflatable rear seatbelt. This revolutionary technology has been in development by the marque since the late 1990s, resulting in a safety harness that uses the properties of an airbag. In so doing, it provides rear-seat passengers with even greater crash protection than is possible with a typical safety belt.

How does it work?

This three-point seatbelt is a little larger than a standard harness, and softer too. Running diagonally across the upper body in typical fashion, it features a concealed airbag that is activated by the vehicle’s impact sensors. If a potential collision of, usually, around 8mph or higher is detected, an argon-helium gas compound is emitted by a discreet container hidden beneath the rear seat. An inconspicuous pipe runs along the length of the seatbelt, conveying the high-pressure gas and inflating the seatbelt in the blink of an eye (in less than 40 milliseconds, in fact).

What are the benefits?

Ford’s rear inflatable harness provides greater protection than ever for more vulnerable travellers, such as children or the elderly, who typically travel in a vehicle’s rear compartment. It is designed to provide much greater protection by covering five times more of the body than is possible by a standard seatbelt.

A rear inflatable seatbelt creates less pressure on the chest and allows natural head and neck movement, ensuring that the likelihood of injury is significantly minimised.

Which Ford models have this technology?

Currently, Mondeo and Vignale vehicles feature rear inflatable seatbelts but Ford’s intention is to roll out the technology to all models in due course.

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