Ford Sync with Text Reader

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What is Ford Sync with text reader?

Ford sync allows you to seamlessly integrate your smart device with all of the internal audio and media features of your Ford car or van. Once connected, your device will be able to stream music to play through the speakers with the ability to control track choice via the helpfully placed steering wheel controls, covering changing volume levels and skipping tracks.

Phone calls can also be dealt with hands free via the built in microphone and Sync gives you the ability to view your phonebook on the internal screen and use the internal controls to make calls and select phone book entries. Optional voice activated controls are also available. Text reader enables you to listen to messages which have been received so that you do not need to handle your device or look away from the road ensuring as much safety as possible.

How does Ford Sync work?

All of the integration with Ford Sync is done via Bluetooth, giving you full integration without the need for cables. Activity can be completed using a variety of methods such as steering wheel mounted controls as well as voice commands. If you would like to learn more about Ford Sync then contact us today.

Ford Sync

The Ford SYNC System lets you make and take hands-free mobile calls, read out texts you receive, and control the music on your MP3 music player using your voice. Its AppLink feature gives you voice control of popular Apps for Android and iOS. Listen to audiobooks, get the latest football scores from, find nearby events and hear your Spotify favourites.

Ford SYNC also features Emergency Assist which contacts the Emergency Services automatically in the event of an accident and provides essential information such as your coordinates.

Ford Sync 2

Ford SYNC 2 with Voice Control and Touchscreen has the addition of a crisp, clear 8” colour touchscreen for intuitive control of key functions including phone, audio, climate control and optional navigation via voice or touch.

Note: SYNC 2 doesn’t feature AppLink.

Ford Sync 3

The latest and most advanced version of SYNC enhances the functionality and convenience of SYNC and SYNC 2. A new interface features larger buttons to give you swift access to the information you want.

The 8” Touchscreen now features pinch-and-swipe gestures found on smartphones and tablets for even more intuitive navigation. And along with AppLink, Ford SYNC 3 also connects with Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto.