Ford Traffic Sign Recognition

Ford has developed a wide selection of intelligent technologies designed to enhance the way we drive. Various active tools can now make driving even safer and easier, such as the Traffic Sign Recognition safety system. Available in the new Ford Focus model, Birchwood Ford is pleased to offer this engaging and convenient technology to customers.

When you are on the road, it can sometimes be difficult to take in every traffic sign in front of you, particularly if there are lots of signs in quick succession. It can also be easy to miss a sign if you are travelling at significant speed on the motorway or dual carriageway, and you are concentrating on changing lanes, for example. Every now and then, we are all susceptible to missing vital traffic signs, from speed limits to no overtaking signs. Ford has therefore developed a technology that allows your car to read these signs if your eyes miss them.

Using a forward-facing camera at the front of the car, traffic signs are scanned and fed back to the car’s data. Each sign will then be displayed on the car’s instrument cluster in clear view of the driver, so they can keep checking it to ensure they are travelling at a safe speed. The camera can pick up the signs whether they are temporary or permanent, and whether they are on the side or above the road. Clever character recognition software tracks the various changes to signs and constantly updates the instrument cluster throughout the journey.

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