Ford Tyre Pressure Monitor

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What is the Ford Tyre Pressure Monitoring System?

When your tyres are inflated correctly, your vehicle will be running at the optimum settings. This will ensure a smooth journey whilst providing the best fuel efficiency, as under inflated tyres can in fact reduce your MPG as the vehicle is having to work harder. Low pressure tyres can also cause additional wear and tear meaning you have to replace your tyres more often. With the Ford Tyre Pressure Monitoring System you will be alerted should any of your tyres be below a certain pressure. Punctures can also be detected before they have a serious impact.

How Does it Work?

Inside each tyre valve the monitoring system keeps track of the pressure within the tyre. If the pressure is below a certain level an alert will appear on your instrument panel informing you of which tyre or tyres is affected. If a sudden drop in pressure is detected, which would be the case if you had a puncture, you are also alerted so that you can take appropriate steps.

With this system in place, you will be able to take better care of your vehicle and prevent serious accidents by being alerted before any serious issues can arise from low pressure tyres of punctures.

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