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Used Ford Fiesta

The most popular car on sale in Britain, the Ford Fiesta has been enjoyed by over four million British drivers since it was introduced in 1976, equating to around one in every 20 of all cars sold in the last 40 years. Its popularity with new car buyers is great news for drivers in the market for a used Fiesta, with a never-ending supply of vehicles to choose from.

The Fiesta’s popularity can partially be levelled by the sheer variety of versions available for sale. From entry level models with fuel-efficient engines, to sporty hot hatches offering blistering performance, you can find a version to suit any taste. All Fiestas share the same reliable handling characteristics that have made the model a darling of the motoring press for many years.

The Fiesta is offered with either three or five doors, and with a huge variety of engines and trim levels. The Mk7 Fiesta was launched in 2009 and given a facelift in late 2013, introducing a new grille.

At Birchwood Group - a leading expert in selling cars online - you’ll find a range of used Ford Fiestas that can be purchased today. Our stock of used Fiesta models changes almost daily, and the current list is outlined below. Start browsing now to find models that meet your requirements, and buy/reserve online or contact us to arrange a test drive at a convenient time. We’ve worked hard to make buying models online and having used cars delivered to your door simple. Just pay a deposit of £99 to reserve your model today or buy your car online now. You can find our dealerships in Eastbourne and Hastings.

Click on any listing to find additional information, including extra photos. If there is nothing that meets your requirements today, let us know and we can try and find the right car for you, or call us so we can cast your net a little wider.