Benefits for Ford Vignale Customers

Vignale Dealer in East Sussex

Setting a new benchmark for Ford quality, the new Vignale range, available at Birchwood Ford Eastbourne, Halland and Hastings, redefines the levels of quality and luxury you can expect from your Ford. The vehicles are made with only the finest materials with expert craftsmanship and exquisite styling to bring you the pinnacle of the Ford range. Beyond the vehicles themselves, Vignale encompasses quality customer service too, ensuring you as a Vignale customer receive the very best service and providing you with the ultimate brand experience.

Exclusive Access to the Vignale Lounge

At our FordStore in Hastings, we have a dedicated VIP area which is exclusively for Vignale customers. The Vignale lounge has plenty of spacious and comfortable seating for our Vignale customers to relax in and enjoy during their time at our showroom. Additional information about Vignale and other Birchwood Ford products can be found here giving you pleasant surroundings within which to discover more. Much like the Vignale vehicles, you’ll see unique Vignale finishing touches on the furniture to further support the Vignale brand and experience.

ford vignale lounge
ford vignale team

Vignale Relationship Manager

One of the key benefits for Vignale customers is the dedicated relationship manager that each Vignale owner is given. The relationship manager’s role is to look after the Vignale customer and to help with all aspects of vehicle ownership. When your Vignale vehicle is due for its service or maintenance work, your relationship manager will contact you to organise accordingly, with pickup and delivery services available for added convenience. Your dedicated relationship manager will be available 24/7 to help support you in case you have any questions or queries, with in-depth knowledge of your vehicle and its features they can help walk you through the operation of these features should you be unsure. Other benefits for Vignale customers include access to the exclusive Vignale OneCall system and the Vignale Service App helping to make caring for your vehicle even easier.

Vignale Lifestyle

Vignale goes beyond the premium quality materials and craftsmanship of your vehicle. Vignale is designed to impress and exceed expectations for all aspects of your ownership and become a true brand experience. Vignale redefines Ford and elevates you and your car beyond the typical reach of Ford and makes a statement of prestige and luxury. Appreciation is one of the core values of Vignale, as the countless number of hours that go in to each and every Vignale vehicle cannot be quantified in terms of value when compared to the finished result. All of the quality checks and preparation completed by hand culminate in the panacea that is Vignale, providing an emotional situation for you to become enthralled in. Vignale is a lifestyle to be enjoyed by Vignale owners which is why a range of Vignale clothing and accessories for customers to further expand into the Vignale way of thinking.

To find out more about Ford Vignale, visit our any one of our Birchwood Ford branches, or for the full Vignale experience, visit our FordStore in Hastings.

ford vignale customer
ford vignale customer
ford vignale customer