The New Ford Mach-E, An Interest of the UK Police Force

The new Ford Mach-E has already caught the imagination of thousands of our customers and generated even more fans, but a new client has also shown considerable interest – the UK’s police force.Such has been the enthusiasm of the British police for Ford’s stunning new all-electric SUV that already seven forces have either tested the new vehicle or requested a full evaluation of a specially-built concept car. A full ‘blue light’ livery test car was built following many enquiries from UK police forces looking for greener solutions to the current products currently available to them.​

The Metropolitan Police Force has already appraised the standard Mustang Mach-E and has now requested a full evaluation of the marked concept. Also waiting for an opportunity to try the new 999 vehicle are the Surrey, South Wales, Dyfed Powys, Devon & Cornwall, Scotland and even the Sussex forces.

Ford and Safeguard SVP are displaying an additional concept project at the Emergency Services show – a five-tonne ‘Protected Personnel Carrier’ conversion. This latest conversion offers polices forces greater flexibility, with adjustable rear cell and storage areas.