Birchwood Family Lockdown Positivity

Our Birchwood family are self isolating at this present moment and are working hard keeping themselves and their families active and healthy during these trying times. Lets have a look at what some of them have been up to over the last couple of weeks!

Keeping the community positive

Everyone needs an excuse to smile right now, luckily we have the best people on the job! We are amazed at how compassionate and positive they can all be! They give all passers by warm tidings with their outstanding rainbows, and Lilly even showed her support for the NHS with her artwork outside her house!

Activities with the kids

All the Birchwood parents are going above and beyond with their children. They are pulling out all the stops, from helping unleash their creative sides with, keeping them active and teaching them new skills, building them mud kitchens out of re-used wooden pallets, and even letting them cut their hair! We with we could include all of their adventures and activities here!

Birthday Parties

Just because we are all stuck inside that doesn't mean that the celebrations stop! Well done to every single person who is keeping their families positive and happy right now!

Our Pets

There are a few members of our family who are actually enjoying the lockdown! Our pets have been getting more attention than ever, and I'm sure eveeryone is glad to have these friends in their lives right now!

We're so glad to hear that all of the Birchwood family have been staying healthy and active. Keeping fit and positive is so important right now and it is great to see this happening with all the brilliant people who work with us.