The Latest on Birchwood People

We loving sharing happy stories about #birchwoodpeople, and we thought this little chap would brighten everyone’s day.​​

Please meet Jude who was only 1 month old when lockdown started. Many of you will know his mum, Lani who works at Eastbourne Ford and his dad, Darren is our Ford CMA Support manager.  

A lucky outcome of lockdown is that Darren was at home and built an amazing bond with Jude that would have been much more difficult if he had been at work.

Jude has grown and changed so much during lockdown, in fact he was in age 6 to 9 months clothes by the time he was 4 months old.

In common with most new parents who had to spend many months not seeing their wider families, Lani and Darren have taken loads of photos to share of all his lockdown milestones.

From first smiles to giggles; rolling over then sitting up; experiencing the great outdoors to tasting real food, Jude has done it all.

Now Jude is 6 months old and sharing lots of hugs and giggles with all his family, not just mum and dad. Thanks to Lani and Darren for sharing their special lockdown story and photos with us.​​