Farewell Fiesta | Daniel Black’s Unforgettable Memories of Rallycross Racing with a Trusty Ford Fiesta

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Daniel Black was a young technician with a passion for cars. He shared this love with a close friend, and together they were part of his cousin's Rallycross team. Those were the days when they had the opportunity to travel to Britain, Holland, and Belgium to support Gary Baker as he drove his modified Mk2 Ford Fiesta.

The car and driver combination were incredibly successful, and they were always competitive in every race they entered. In 1988, they were just pipped to the British National Rallycross Championship by Roger Newbold in his rear-engine Renault 5. Nevertheless, the experience of being part of the team was unforgettable, and the memories they made will last a lifetime.

The Fiesta was heavily modified, with an extended wheelbase, rear-wheel drive, racing gearbox, and a powerful Ford Cosworth 2.1-liter BDX engine under the hood. This trusty car was always ready to hit the track and take on the competition, and it rarely disappointed.

For Daniel and his friend, being part of the Rallycross team was more than just a hobby - it was a passion. They had fun times, happy memories, and formed friendships that would last a lifetime. The excitement of traveling to new places and being part of a successful team was something they would never forget.

As we look back on these memories, we're reminded of the incredible impact that cars like the Ford Fiesta have had on the world of motorsports. From amateur enthusiasts to professional drivers, the Fiesta has been a trusty companion on the track for decades, and we're sure that it will continue to be for many years to come.