How To Take The Perfect Picture Of A Car

Whether your capturing everything from automotive events to simply taking a beautiful picture of your car at the foreground of a landscape, Taking the perfect snapshot of a car is has never been easier. Modern technology and a pool of professional knowledge availabe provides us all with blueprint to make your photos come to life. we'll be taking you through the important bits you should know to take your picture to whole new level.

A Mobile Phone Is all you need

You don’t need expensive equipment to take a great picture, some of the best published imagery were taken and even edited all through a smart phone. Ofcourse mobile phones have limitations in regards to lens quality, and the level of detail in the images, but for social networking or normal online use, the quality of the images taken is more than sufficients, moreover, fully speced versions of newer smart phones; Apple & Androids for example are equipt with multiple lenses and can hold their own against some DSLR camera, and with constant inovation in this field one could argue that in some years the quality on a smart phone camera will be on par with professional camera is smart phones companies continue on their current tregectory. Reguardless the way the picture is taken should not change, you have to stick to the same principles as when shooting with a conventiuonal camera which can then be edited directly on the phone.

Give the car room

​Often when taking pictures of our vehicles we're so focued on making sure every detail of the car is captuered that it takes away from the over all image. You should give the car plenty of space, it needs room to breathe. As much as we want the car to be the centre of attention (which it will), we dont want the picture to look cramped or as if you’re viewing the car through some sort of crack​. Try different angles and distances and play around with the proportions. Don’t be afraid to use the scene to your advantage. If you’re shooting a car from a crouching position and there’s a beautiful sky above you with dramatic clouds, don’t be afraid to point the lens a little higher, position the car in the bottom third of the image and give the sky space. keep moving instead of zooming in, get closer to the car, or move away from it you’ll see how great the car will look!

The location should complement the car​

You need to take your car out for a photo shoot somewhere where it will actually be the focus of the photo. But the ideal place isn’t a space in front of a white wall, or a boring endless road between fields. You want places that have dynamism and are visually interesting in their own right, If you pass somewhere interesting, put down a pin on my phone map and take a quick picture of the place with your phone to remind myself of the scene or the light. The location has a massive impact ob the over all feel of the picture for example, a field with blue skys has a different feel to an urban scene with sky scrapers in the background. There is no right or wrong location as long as the images captures what you have in mind.

Enyaq iv Coupe front

Make the most of the cars design

We can take photos of a car from lots of different angles, working with the lines and shadows to really highlight the shape and design of the car makes for great picutres. The cars are pieces of art which you want to showcase to the viewer hence you have to use all of the car for example the rims, the rare etc. takes pictures at the level of the car’s headlights – the traditional side profile, but also the three-quarter front and rear angles. “Among other things, these are the angles that make the rear bumper stand out, and that’s usually one of the most important design features on a car,” Amy explains. Only once she has got all the basic views does she move onto other angles. Shooting the car from above never hurts, for example. “Try to use reflections to your advantage. The glass panorama of the roof can create interesting effects, for example,” she says. And in the car’s interior, focus on the overall atmosphere and interesting details.

Develop your own style

Everyone should develop their own specific editing style​, it is important to do a good job when you are shooting because you can’t correct major mistakes when processing the images. Editing should be used sparingly. It’s about not overdoing it and making the photos artistic. Take your time and learn to develop as a photographer and create your signature look, don’t copy other photographers. Learn from them, see what editing they do and why, but go your own way.

To conclude, anyone can take a good picture but it takes more finetuning to truly capture everything in a picture. The main thing that should matter is the picture being visually pleasing to you, and making sure you express yourself in every photo you take, good luck on all of your future photoshoots.