Motability Made Easy-Part One | Birchwood Group

Who Can Drive Your Car?

TWO named people can drive your car. They can be yourself, family or carers. You may be able to add a third driver for an extra cost.

Named drivers should live within 5 miles of your home.

Drivers aged under 25 are only allowed to drive certain cars.

Only ONE driver under the age of 21 are allowed and they must live at your address.

Drivers who have broken the law may not be allowed.

We may include other drivers if you need them to get around.

If you have any questions about who is able to drive then feel free to phone one of our Motability Specialist within our teams at Birchwood.

Understanding The Rules

You must make sure that:

The car is only used for your benefit.

Only the named people can drive.

You let us know about any changed that might affect the lease.

The car must NOT be used as a taxi or as a delivery vehicle.

The car must NOT be lent or sold.

You are responsible for paying:

Petrol or Diesel and other things like screen wash and de-icer.

Extras that aren't standard like leather seats.

Some adaptations.

The excess of any insurance claim. You need to pay the first part of any claim, the insurance company will pay the rest.

Parking fines or speeding fines.

Theft or damage to your personal belongings