Motability Week: Day 4 John and Angel


John “JOSH” Lawler is a warrior on the court, he is the number 9 player at Sussex BB, a mountain of a player who commands the space, a sportsman with a sporting brain.. do not ask Josh to tell you about his wheelchair basketball pedigree as he will bend your ear for hours on international games abroad and all the international players he has played and trained with. Josh is a family man so he needs a Motability car that not only carries his sports wheelchair… and he uses a big sports wheelchair as he plays as a forward but also a car his family can use such as kids at rugby training, or swimming classes, or a new puppy… with the Motability Scheme you not only get a new reliable car that is suited to your needs but also a car that is built for your family. Part of the work we do within the wheelchair basketball team is teaching medical professionals about disability sports so they can “social prescribe” people to sports… we have worked with…

• Doctors

• Occupational therapists students – 3 years running with Brighton University

• Phycologists

• Counselling students


• Run a GP 3X3 competition

spoken at universities to new qualified GPs



Another player we are featuring is Angel who is just 21 years old with CP Cerebral Palsy and is also on the autistic spectrum… Angel is an inspiration to so many young people out there, who for the last 7 years has played wheelchair basketball… but in the last year, Angel has started running and leading wheelchair basketball sessions under our Rolling Sports Pathway program in schools and universities which is absolutely inspiring. Everyone at the club is so proud to see all that she has and continued to achieve. Sussex Wheelchair BB has also been promoting her forward to be a “This Girl Can” ambassador for Active Sussex as she also now does the adaptive boxing program for the WBC Cares… we hope Sport England and Active Sussex will make her a This Girl Can TGC ambassador in the future.

Inspire A Generation

We have been doing community wheelchair basketball in Sussex since we started the team, we took wheelchair basketball on the road, all over Sussex, last year British Wheelchair Basketball started a new Inspire A Generation program IAG, so we now deliver those IAG sessions too. Do you know a community group, school, or leisure provider that would want to get involved then the partnership program is open now.


Inspire a Generation is an initiative driven by British Wheelchair Basketball and funded by National Lottery / Sport England. The program seeks to bring local communities a greater breadth of opportunity for people to access and play the sport of wheelchair basketball. Inspire a Generation is fun and informal six-week introductory course to wheelchair basketball. These courses will be delivered by an enthusiastic network of local Community Activator and Partners.

We are running webinars over the next two weeks for potential Local Delivery Partners, where you can find out more about the Inspire a Generation Program. For more information about the program, and to register for one of the Partner webinars, visit https://inspireageneration.com/ or follow this link to start your Local Delivery Partner Application https://inspireageneration.com/partner-enquiry-form/ .