Pete and Pauline Bull Shirt Numbers 13 and 14

Pete and Pauline are the “Mr and Mrs” of wheelchair basketball in Southern England, and of course, Motability lifelong customers… each of them has been on the Motability Scheme for over 20 years… so between they have had over 15 cars of every make/model that you can think of. Over the pandemic, they reduced to just 1 Motability car between them as like many of us changed the basketball/life balance. Back to wheelchair basketball… Pete and Pauline are the co-founders of the current wheelchair basketball offer in Sussex, Head Coach Pete has a deep passion to see the next generation of kids play this sport and in today’s blog post we would like to give you some details of the new ambassador program, but before we go into those details we have to mention Pauline who is a force and inspiration in this sport to so many young players, playing at every level and represented GB at the 2008 Paralympics! Pete and Pauline were born with their disabilities… unlike yesterday’s blog that featured an injured person, they both use wheelchairs every day, they have a whole life experience of a world from that view of having a disability… but you would never think that!!! as they never let it slow them down, they are both “lived experienced leaders” that want to help kids be the best they can be, using sports and wheelchair basketball as the tools of the trade… So… back to cars… they always needed a Motability car that can carry 2 sports wheelchairs, 2-day wheelchairs, and all of Pete’s coaching equipment, balls, vests, bibs, coaches paperwork, and equipment as you will often find Pete in a school teaching kids as part of the new ambassador program.

Here is Pete at the launch of the ambassador program with 2 new players, the school is receiving 16 weeks of free 1 to 1 coaching during the PE lessons and break times to give the ambassadors the best start to hopefully a long wheelchair basketball career. Do you know a school with kids that could be on the ambassador program? Then let us know today!

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The basic criteria is a school must:

  • Have a student(s) with a physical disability that attend the Sussex Wheelchair Basketball league or entry training sessions.
  • Show a passion for learning wheelchair basketball.
  • At a school will allow our professional coaches to develop that potential at PE times or break times at the education facility.

  • Above are 2 new ambassadors at the first-ever competitive game a few weeks ago where they received limited edition Birchwood tops. Birchwood is the company building the next generation of disability sports athletes in Sussex, as wheelchair basketball is the entry to almost all Paralympic sports pathways…. And linking this blog back to Pete and Pauline they are passionate about creating a competitive environment so that these new players have every opportunity to play at the highest levels as Pauline did in 2008. In yesterday’s blog, we mentioned the wheelchair basketball league and today is all about the feed into that league.

    Pauline Bull (below)