My week at The Birchwood Group

My name is Lewis and I chose to do my work experience with The Birchwood Group, a car, van and motorcycle dealer group that spans the Sussex Coast.

The reason I picked Birchwood as my work experience placement is because when I leave school, I want to work within the motor industry and become a car salesman. I was so happy when I was offered the opportunity to spend a week within the dealership and see how it runs.

What I've done during my week

Monday: I spent my first day hands on with the Kia sales team, Ben, Danny and Adam showed me how the take photos of the cars and the certain order and position they need to be in to upload to the website. Then went on to time with Rob which showed me how they show pricing in the cars and finally re-arranged the forecourt to fit in some extra cars that came over the weekend.

Tuesday: Day 2 I joined the Kia service desk, Morgan and Becky demonstrated how they see customers in and the journey the car takes from it coming in from the customer to getting fixed and back to the customer. As well as listening to some live phone calls of booking cars in for services, mots and repairs. 

Wednesday: Mid week I was given the chance to be in the workshop; I watched the technicians do visual health checks on cars and learn what things to look for (once im able to drive!) and was even able to watch an MOT being carried out.

Thursday: On Thursday, Rob gave me the challenge of making a “forward order board”, this allows the team to keep track of the customers that have pre-ordered new models of cars that aren’t built yet, after I finished this I sat with the service team as there was lots more to learn. 

Friday: To end the week I spent my day with the Marketing Team, Ryan showed me how to design my own mass email to go out to all of the Destination Triumph customers and then report back on the opens, clicks and sales. I was so happy to find out that my hard work managed to sell over £500 worth of bike gear. 

To round it off, I’m here writing this story for the website which you’re reading now. So while I’m here, I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Birchwood Group for organising my work experience and for everyone being so nice and welcoming. I really enjoyed my time in every department.