Birchwood Eastbourne Gets a Boost in Vehicle Servicing Capabilities with New Kent Garage Equipment Vehicle Ramp​

We at Birchwood Eastbourne are excited to announce the installation of a new 6.5 tonne vehicle ramp from Kent Garage Equipment. This new equipment will enable us to provide even better service to our customers, especially those with larger vehicles like the Ford E-Transit.

Thanks to the experts at Kent Garage Equipment and the local wiring specialists at CDS Electrical, the installation of the new vehicle ramp was quick and efficient with minimal disruption to our operations.

We're particularly excited about the new capabilities that the vehicle ramp brings to our service offerings. With increased capacity, we can now service and repair larger vehicles that we couldn't before. This means that customers with commercial fleets or camper vans, for example, can now benefit from more efficient and effective servicing and maintenance.

Not only that, but the new vehicle ramp provides a stable platform for our team to work on, which means that we can carry out repairs and maintenance more quickly and safely. As a result, our customers can expect faster turnaround times and less time spent off the road.

We're committed to providing high-quality services and customer satisfaction, and the new vehicle ramp from Kent Garage Equipment is a significant investment for us. We're excited about the potential to expand our customer base, as the new equipment will enable us to serve a wider range of customers with larger vehicles.

We're grateful for the support of Kent Garage Equipment and CDS Electrical in the installation of the new vehicle ramp, and we look forward to continuing to provide our customers with the best service possible.

In conclusion, the new vehicle ramp from Kent Garage Equipment is a game-changer for Birchwood Eastbourne. With increased capacity, faster turnaround times, and improved efficiency, we're confident that our customers will be even more satisfied with the service they receive from us.

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