Birchwood Team Takes Third Place at "Quizness Social" Evening to Raise Money for Hospice​

On 23rd March, some members of our Birchwood team attended the "Quizness Social" event at St Wilfrid's to help raise funds for the hospice. The team included Brett, Sheila, Kirsty, Louise, Susan, and Kirsty's husband, and they called themselves the "Birchwood Allsorts."

The event comprised of five rounds of quizzes, with each round being more challenging than the last. In the first round, the team had to answer general knowledge trivia questions. The second round focused on questions related to the month of March. In the third round, the team had to identify celebrities who had been edited to look different in their pictures. The fourth round was particularly difficult as the goal was to find a link between all the answers to ten questions which turned out to all be countries, but the team managed to get through it. The final round, known as the generation game round, required one member from the team to memorize and name all the items that came through on a conveyor belt. Sheila did an amazing job of remembering 23 out of the 31 items.

The team were delighted to finish in third place out of thirteen teams and were just four points behind the winners with a total of 43 points. The event was a success in terms of both the fun had by all and the funds raised for the hospice. The team managed to raise over £60 on the night, which is a fantastic achievement.

In addition to the quiz, the team enjoyed delicious meat and vegetarian chilli meals, and the hospice kindly provided the first drink for free at the bar. The event was very well organized and everyoen taking part was clearly there to support the charity on such a fun evening!

As a prize for finishing third, the Birchwood Allsorts took home a bottle of wine. The whole Birchwood Team are now eagerly anticipating the next another opportunity to support St Wilfrid's Hospice at one ofr their events.