Road Safety Week 2022 | Shout for children’s right to make safe journeys  

By participating in Road Safety Week, the Birchwood Team will join thousands of people across the country in advocating for Safe Roads for All (14-20 November 2022).

On a UK road, someone is killed or seriously injured every 22 minutes. All week, pupils across the UK will be using free resources provided by the charity Brake to learn about the people who share our roads and how they can use roads safely to protect themselves and others. They will also learn how to raise their voices and advocate for the changes necessary to make their journeys safer.

Pupils will also spend the day wearing their brightest colours - from tropical shirts and neon leg warmers to crazy-colored wigs - to remind drivers to watch out for people who walk and cycle, in order to raise vital funds to support families affected by road crashes. Here at Birchwood, we would like to encourage drivers to take extra caution while driving, especially in areas with children around, such as schools and parks.

Funds raised will go to Brake's National Road Victim Servicewhich cares for around 1,000 road victim families every year who are bereaved and suffering horrendous injuries such as paralysis and brain injury. It costs around £1,200 for the National Road Victim Service to support a family for a year with vital emotional and practical support. Brake needs help to raise more than £1m every year to keep the service running.

Scott Williams, head of programme delivery at Brake, said: "It's every child's right to be able to walk and cycle in their community without fear of traffic and pollution. Children must be able to walk safely in the places where they live. We're delighted to be raising awareness for Road Safety and joining children shouting out for their right to make safe and healthy journeys every day."  

For more information or to make a donation of your own, visit www.brake.org.uk/road-safety-week

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About Brake, the road safety charity

Brake is a national road safety charity founded in 1995 to stop deaths, serious injuries and pollution on roads, and to care for families bereaved and injured in road crashes.

Brake campaigns for safe and healthy roads through seeking government policies and investment to end the carnage, and through projects that help local communities, schools and employers promote safe and pollution-free streets. Brake delivers Road Safety Week, one of the UK's biggest road safety campaigns.

Brake is the national provider of care and support to victims of road crashes and their families through the National Road Victim Service, helping families cope with the shock, turmoil and devastation that road crashes cause families across the UK every day.

For more information, go to www.brake.org.uk.