What is the ŠKODA Logo?

1926: Indian Headdress

Old Skoda logo

In 1926, ŠKODA registered a logo you will recognize today: the blue-winged arrow, which is a stylized representation of an Indian headdress with feathers and an arrow. Its origins are strangely mysterious; it is believed that one of the contributing authors was commercial director of the ŠKODA company in Pilsen. Nevertheless, the most credible account as to its meaning is that the symbol sought to express progress and movement into the future. What is certain is that this blue-winged arrow replaced the “ŠKODA and laurel” on the brand’s vehicles from the mid-1930s. And although this logo has since evolved, it is still used today on ŠKODA Original replacement parts.

1993: Volkswagen

Old Skoda logo

The blue logo was borne by all vehicles through the Soviet era and did not change for over 60 years. Then in 1991, when the Volkswagen Group took over responsibility for ŠKODA’s destiny, this occasioned the opportunity for a little rejuvenation. So, in 1993, the blue gave way to green, and the circle was enlarged to allow for the inscription “ŠKODA AUTO”. This green logo debuted on ŠKODA FELICIA, the first vehicle of the Volkswagen era.

1999: Recognition

Old Skoda logo

In the embrace of the German giant, ŠKODA experienced spectacular growth. Its vehicles were increasingly “designed”, the quality was ever higher, and they continued to be priced more competitively. They enjoyed enormous success. The logo evolved yet again to distance the brand a little more from its past as “a car from the East”. The green-winged arrow was retained, but a new meaning was assigned to its colour such that it took on a sense of eco-friendliness. Meanwhile, the logo’s overall appearance was enhanced as the circle’s green was replaced with a more elegant black.

2011: Solid reputation well established

Old Skoda logo

Over the course of time, ŠKODA automobiles have established a very solid reputation for quality, reliability, practicality, and at the same time elegance. Upon entering into the second decade of the 21st century, it was decided once again to freshen up the logo. The winged arrow was by that time well enough known that it could evoke the brand all by itself.

The name ŠKODA therefore disappeared from the logo. To add refinement and elegance, the black circle was enclosed within a chrome band. Even though green is still the “official” colour of ŠKODA, the colour in the end disappeared from those logos affixed upon vehicles. That version is now completely chrome (circle and winged arrow) on a black background and expresses the brand’s 2011 values: youth and precision. The current values –Simplifying, Surprising, Human – have shaped the logo into an even more contemporary form.

Ultimately, the ŠKODA logo is an adapted representation of an Indian headdress, which has been altered over the years to become what it is today.