The 81st Bexhill Open Bowls Tournament

What a Huge Success...​

This year we were proud to be the sponsor again for this wonderful tournament; held in Bexhill on 5th August for a week full of fun filled competition. There were both singles and doubles competitions for both men and women which is the FIRST year they have had this opportunity! There were also triples within the men's tournaments.

The week all in all was a huge success and the winners done themselves proud to earn themselves the top spot at this year's tournament. We at Birchwood can't wait to see next years!

Bowls is undergoing a quiet revolution across the country and becoming a sport for all ages.

The gentle sport of rolling biased balls on a flat lawn can be traced to the 13th century, In England there are around 400,000 bowlers, The annual World Championships are viewed by around Three Million People on television​ and with the technical abilities that have been shown it's no wonder people find it so fascinating.

Bowls is simply accessible to someone of any age from 5 up to 95 and that was shown by the diversity of the audience who attended across the week; from young children, to family's and to the older generation giving us the passion as to why this wonderful sport should continue for many years to come.

A Little History Behind the Club Itself

The Bexhill Bowling Club was founded in 1907 and they played then on the only Bowling Green in the town at Egerton Park, which is now played on by the Spartan and Lakeside Bowling Clubs. With Bowling growing in popularity a new green. measuring 42 x 35 yards was laid down in there and opened in 1908.

The Bexhill Club became affiliated to the Sussex County Bowling Association in 1911 when club rules were drawn up and adopted.

It may be of interest to know that Earl De La Warr was one of the early Presidents of the club and that Charles Gulliver was also a member before funding his own private Bowls Club in the town.

On July 23rd 1937, the Mayor officially opened a third green at Polegrove and the membership had increased to 140.

2007 was their Centenary Year and the club has since continued to go from strength to strength encouraging people of all ages to engage in the sports whether it be taking part of simply observing, to enjoy it to its fullest!

We at Birchwood would like to congratulate all the winners and thank the participants and volunteers that took part to help make this such a wonderful week to enjoy from the sidelines.