Where Are Kia Cars Made?

Kia cars were established in 1944, in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea. They are Korea’s oldest car manufacturer and originally started by manufacturing bicycles and motorbikes. Kia have come and long way since then, they now manufacturer over 1.4 million vehicles a year. With 14 manufacturing and assembly points in 8 countries, they are now one of the world’s leading car manufacturers. Although Kia cars are made all over the world, Kia’s home is considered to be South Korea.

Since 2003, Kia’s product range has expanded from covering 35% of the market to the 80% it covers today! Kia recently spent €1.6 billion on manufacturing facilities across Europe, which cater for 54% of the European demand. 

The History of Kia

Check out this visual graphic that shows some of the key milestones in Kia’s journey to becoming the hugely successful, multinational vehicle manufacturer they are today:

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