The Origins of ŠKODA (Where is ŠKODA From?)

ŠKODA are traditionally, a Czech Republic car maker but their vehicles are manufactured all over the world. The Czech Republic has always been the home of ŠKODA and is where three of their plants are situated. One plant, in the City of Vrchlabi, produces ŠKODA gearboxes. Car batteries are also produced in the Czech Republic by two other plants in the Cities of Mladá Boleslav and Kvasing.

ŠKODA’s Kvasiny Plant Day in the Life (Video)

This video shows a closer look at what goes on inside the Kvasiny plant. Fascinating!

where are skoda from

Where are ŠKODA Made?

As well as in the Czech Republic, ŠKODA are also made and assembled in many other countries including China, Russia, Slovakia and India.

Where are Skoda from

How Many People Does ŠKODA Employ?

You may be wondering how they keep on top of manufacturing and supplying such a high demand of vehicles across the globe…Well it takes a massive team and as a result ŠKODA are a huge employer, providing more than 35,000 jobs worldwide.