International Women's Day

At Birchwood Group

As it was International Women's Day on 8th March, the women at Birchwood got together and smiled proud for the camera. Here are just a handful of some of the amazing women who work here at Birchwood with their story and how they got to where they are. Here's a big thank you to all the women out there who do all they can to make the world a brighter place. And here's a big thank you to the ladies that work with us at Birchwood, thank you for all your hard work and commitment.

Megan Maguire, Service Advisor

Megan (pictured on the far left) started working for Birchwood Ford Eastbourne as a part-time Saturday service advisor whilst attending Bexhill college for two years doing a business diploma. She now works full time with help and training from all the great service advisors, managers and technicians.

Megan loves communicating with customers, with having such a great team with her, she is able to tackle any challenge and have every customer walking out happy.

 International Women's Day at Birchwood Group

 International Women's Day at Birchwood Group

Rachael Weller, Aftersales Administrator

Rachael (pictured on below) started working with the Birchwood ŠKODA Eastbourne family in July 2017 as an Aftersales Administrator. When Rachael was younger she didn’t imagine herself working within the motor trade industry however this is her knowledge and really enjoys it. She is a people person so loves to interact with customers along with her ‘Š KODA brothers’ (Rachael is the only female at ŠKODA, who runs the world?...GIRLS)

 International Women's Day at Birchwood Group

Jasmine Wynne, Showroom Host

Jasmine (pictured on the right) started November 2015, where her roles have varied throughout her time at Birchwood Ford in Hastings, putting her skills to the test completing tasks in the service department, as a showroom host and now helping out in Head Office with reporting and data cleanse. Jasmine gets on very well with every member of the team and is always lending a helping hand with staff and with customers, she's a joy to us all.

Atalanta Akim, Service Technician

Atalanta (pictured on the left) is a service technician, she started her journey with Birchwood on 20th February 2017. Lana has always had a love for cars but never thought for a minute that she would become a vehicle technician. She trained at an automotive centre which is part of Sussex Coast College for 3 years while working in a small garage in Bexhill. She very much enjoys working with our Ford family at Hastings Ford and will always tackle a challenge no matter how big or small.

 International Women's Day at Birchwood Group

Melinda Cracknell, Accounts

Mel (pictured on the left at the front) started working for Birchwood Ford in December 2010 as a temp, covering maternity cover in the Accounts Department and was then offered a full time position as a Purchase Ledger.

She enjoys working with the Accounts Team but now likes it even more due to moving offices and teaming up with the Admin Team. Mel loves working with a great team of people.

Eileen Avis, Accounts

Eileen (pictured on the far left at the front) first started working here in August 1989 part-time in the parts department slowly increasing her hours over the years. She has had a couple breaks one for maternity leave and a sabbatical to look after a couple of her lovely grandchildren.

When Eileen came back from her sabbatical she started working in the accounts office one day a week, this lead to her working in accounts full time. She enjoys the friendly atmosphere working as team with accounts and sales admin as they all now share an office. Eileen is now in her 28th year working with us at Birchwood. What an achievement!

 International Women's Day at Birchwood Group
 International Women's Day at Birchwood Group
 International Women's Day at Birchwood Group