Work Experience Week At Birchwood

Work Experience Week

At Birchwood Group​

At the end of June, we had Caleb join us for a week's work experience. Based at a local school, Caleb has a keen interest in Business and Marketing, so joined the Digital team here at Birchwood head office for three days, getting to grips with an array of different areas, including:

  • An insight to Marketing in the motor trade
  • Digital advertisement
  • Website administration
  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Used Car advertisement

And more!

Caleb, then moved over to our flagship Hastings FordStore, to learn about Sales and Service procedure.

During his work experience week with us, Caleb kept a blog. Here is what he had to say about his time here at Birchwood:

"On Monday I felt quite nervous coming into a professional work environment and working with people I had never met before. When I turned up everyone was really helpful and made me feel at home, where I was given a tour of the Eastbourne branches, meeting all the teams.

I was then given an overview of Marketing in the motor industry by Ashley. Later he showed me how the used car section works and what happens when the cars are photographed. The cars go from Birchwood database, called Pinnacle to the website software called NetDirector. From here, used cars then feed onto the third party websites like Autotrader.

After that I went to the Kia garage and met Ashley T, Adam and Ryan, where I had the opportunity to take photos of the cars that need to be taken to be put on the website. Here is a picture of Adam and I taking the photos:"

Work Experience Week At Birchwood

"The following day I helped the Digital team find videos and images to use on the website and social media. I was given an iPad and was tasked with looking up some interesting facts about all four companies which Birchwood represent, which include Ford, Kia, ŠKODA and Mitsubishi.

I had to look up an interesting fact for their Wisdom Wednesday post on Instagram and Facebook. I found a story on the new ŠKODA Kodiaq RS, which we posted the following day."

You can view Caleb's post by clicking here: ŠKODA Kodiaq RS Wisdom Wednesday

"Later, we covered more NetDirector and how it is linked with Autotrader. I then had the opportunity to write a news article about the safety signals in a car and how some people don’t know what they are. It was very appealing because I wasn’t sure how the websites worked at the start.

This picture is of Emily and I looking at Autotrader and showing me how it works."

Work Experience Week At Birchwood

"In the afternoon, I met Dave, who is Birchwood Group's used car buyer. He took me round the Ford and Kia used cars areas to check the stock and check if the price in the car matched the price in the spread sheet, I also had to check if the car had any scratches or dents in it.

We checked the prices and checked the whole of the car park to see if there was any dents and used a spread sheet to tick them off and check them to see if they are advertised or not.

There is a picture of Dave and I checking the cars and the prices at the Ford garage."

Work Experience Week At Birchwood

"On Wednesday I helped post the Wisdom Wednesday post on Instagram and Facebook and scheduled a post on Facebook about the next England game." See our England post here: England World Cup

"I also finished my news article on the safety features in the car and what they mean, which will go live on the Birchwood Group site soon.

I then spent some time with Sarah, who showed me the rapid response software, which holds peoples enquiry's. It shows how many people have messaged or emailed in about something and an employee has got back to them. I found this interesting, as it linked with the website which I had worked on yesterday.

I really enjoyed my days here at Birchwood Head Office and I got a lot out of it which I think will help me in the future."

Work Experience Week At Birchwood

"On Thursday and Friday I will be working at Hastings FordStore where I will report to Billy, the Sales Manager, and do the work he has ready for me.

I am most excited about seeing the new mustang because it has recently been delivered to the Hastings dealership. I am also looking forward to see all the cars because the made a red and white theme out the front in preparation for the England game vs Belgium this Thursday.

I really enjoyed my days here at Birchwood Head Office and I got a lot out of it which I think will help me in the future."

Thank you for all your hard work Caleb, we're glad you enjoyed your time here at Birchwood!