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Ford Motorcraft Tips​

Quick tips on keeping your beloved car in check

#1 The Basics

​See the benefits of keeping your car clean, and regularly checking your fluid levels, including your oil.


#2 Keeping Cool

Like humans, cars need water. Combine this with a proper and correct coolant to keep your car's engine in tip top condition. Remember different cars may require different coolants, so be sure to check your handbook. 


#3 Looking After Your Lights

It's quite easy to tell if your bulbs have gone on your car, but how easy is it to fix? And can you do this yourself, saving you time and money? See below:​


#4 Raising the Pressure

The only thing connecting you to the road whilst driving are your tyres, so are you confident that your tyres are road safe​ and even legal? Or potentially you have a puncture? Here are some quick tips to check for yourself:


#5 Look Under the Car

Can you hear knocking and banging whilst driving? It may as something as simple as a part from under that car has come lose. Don't be afraid to have a look, and if there are any obvious issues, you can contact us in branch to get this sorted quickly and easily. We'd highly recommend having your car looked at by one of our professional technicians if you can't see any problems, so we can diagnose the problem and make sure your car is road safe.


#6 Check Screenwash and Wipers​

Do you have wipers that aren't clearing your windscreen, causing streaks making it difficult to see the road? It may be time to replace them. Through Motorcraft, ​we have some incredible prices for parts that have wear and tear like these. It's important to keep your screenwash topped-up to partner.


#7 Removing Bird Dropping Straight Away

If bird droppings are left on your vehicle, it can actually cause paint damage! Although it's difficult here by the coast, it's important you keep you car clean- it only takes a little warm water: ​


#8​ Read the Signs

It is important you know what your car is telling you, so here is a quick guide to give you an idea of what each of the warning lights mean, if they appear.​


#9 Breakdown Safety

What do you do when the worst happens and your car stops working? Do not panic, and follow this simple guide: