Ford Motorcraft Car Care and Maintenance Tips

Come rain or shine, it’s important to keep your car in good working order all year round. Regular care and maintenance will help to identify general wear and tear and prevent more serious problems down the line. So, with this in mind, here are some Ford Motorcraft car care tips.

1. Check your oil

A lack of oil can damage your engine for good, so keep a close eye on your fluid levels. There is a marker on the oil dipstick which shows you when you are running low

2. Keep your car cool with coolant

Remember different cars need different coolants, so check your handbook to find out exactly which type you should use. Also, be sure to keep water levels topped up.

3. Check the lights

As a responsible car owner, always check your lights are working – particularly before setting out on a journey after dark. If a bulb has gone, it can be easily replaced.

4. Make sure your tyres are safe

Your tyres should be properly inflated, have enough tread and be safe for use. If in doubt, Birchwood Ford will be happy to check them over for you and replace them if necessary.

5. Look under the car

If you hear an unfamiliar banging sound coming from underneath the car, don’t ignore it. It may be a simple problem, but feel free to contact us to sort it out quickly and easily.​

6. Check the wipers and screen wash

If your wipers are leaving streaks all over your windscreen, it’s time to replace them. It’s quick, simple and cheap, making it well worth doing. Always keep your screen wash topped up too.

7. Remove bird droppings

Believe it or not, bird droppings can damage the paintwork of your car, so wash them off promptly if you see them.

8. Read the signs

Whatever you do, don’t ignore any potential warning signs such as unusual noises or dashboard lights. If you experience problems, simply drop by and we’ll fix them for you

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