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Kia EV6

Vehicle Description
Kia EV6 77.4kWh Lithium-Ion 226 Air Auto RWD 6 X 47 £510.40 + VAT per Month
Kia EV6 77.4kWh Lithium-Ion 226 GT-Line 6 x 47 £552.86 + VAT per Month
Kia EV6 77.4kWh Lithium-Ion 226 GT-Line S Auto RWD 6 X 47 £616.93 + VAT per Month

The EV6 is a fully electric, sporty crossover boasting a design that's bold but sleek. Its profile, right down to the finer details, works every angle to give you a distinctive, ultra-modern look.

​Shining a light on road safety. Kia's new intelligent front lighting system uses adaptive high-beam technology to provide the best possible visibility at night, without dazzling oncoming traffic. 

Turn heads and look the part from every angle — with an elegant curved light connecting the rear wheel arches. The sweeping roof profile ends with a wing-type spoiler that elevates the design and improves aerodynamics.​ For an extra level of sleek. Door handles that remain flush, before popping out when you approach your car. Aerodynamics, with style.​ A charging speed that goes the distance. The EV6's 800 V high-speed multi-charging system means you can spend more time driving and less time topping up your battery. Enjoy 62 miles driving range from just 4.5 minutes when charging at public stations providing 250kW power.