Buy Used Kia Picanto Online

Birchwood is proud to offer a selection of Kia Picantos for sale that are all Approved Used following extensive checks for their condition, history and reliability. Our online car buying services make it easy to search and find the ideal model, so being your search today.

The Picanto is at home in the city with its compact body that’s easy to drive around and park in tight spaces. With its sculpted front profile, rounded roofline and large headlights, it has a charming look. It has been produced in a wide range of colour options and as both a three-door and five-door model - you’ll find a variety of different styles in our used line-up.

Inside, it has a neat design that’s driver-orientated with an upright seating position, simple controls and handy storage points dotted about. Praised for its generous interior space, there’s room for two adults in the back and a few holdalls in the boot for a weekend away.

Thanks to its light steering, soft suspension and smooth gearbox, it offers a perfectly enjoyable drive, even over speed bumps. In the later models we stock, you’ll often find additional useful features such as cruise control, Bluetooth and USB ports.

All checks on the Picantos are carried out by our team of expert technicians, who use the latest diagnostic and repair tools to make sure no potential problem goes unmissed. This same team will continue to care for your car with regular servicing, MOTs and repairs. We work hard to make it easy to buy used cars online. In fact, we can even arrange to have used cars delivered to your door, meaning shopping for your next model is effortless.

Search for a Picanto that meets your requirements using the search tool below. You can also enjoy a test drive in your Picanto of choice by calling the Birchwood Eastbourne, Chichester or Washington showrooms today.