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Buy Used Kia Niro Online

As the electric revolution continues, with it comes some superb used cars. One of which is the Kia Niro. It is a modern crossover which manages to have a compact exterior but a spacious interior, combined with some of Kia’s groundbreaking mechanics and outstanding technology.

Available in three powertrains, there’s a hybrid version which combines battery power with a traditional petrol engine, the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) model, and the all electric e-Niro. The plug-in hybrid version offers fantastic fuel efficiency and has the added bonus of coming with some great kit as standard.

Across all models of used Kia Niro, there are four trim options. The basic 1 trim offers a lot of the great technology that Kia is renowned for; 2 adds sat-nav, dual-zone climate control and a reversing camera; 3 adds leather upholstery, heated seats and a heated steering wheel; and 4 adds adaptive cruise control and electrically adjustable driver’s seat.

These cars are stylish, efficient and offer excellent value for money. At Birchwood Group, we’re aiming to be one of the best online car buying sites around. You can buy/reserve the range of used Kia Niros available from Birchwood Group online and, if you find the ideal one, secure it as yours by either buying it or reserving it online. What’s more, we’ll also arrange to have your car delivered to your door, meaning purchasing is as easy as it gets.