Living with the Kia E-Niro

A day in the life...​

We thought we'd give you a day in the style blog of how Connor (One of our Sales Executives at Eastbourne Kia) finds the Kia E-Niro, his thoughts/feelings and the Pros and Cons to help you understand a little bit more about the electric range we have to offer and a breakdown of everything you NEED to know.

So From Connor in his own words...

So where do I begin?

The E-Niro in itself is just a great all-rounder; It’s comfy, practical and obviously VERY efficient. The seats are incredibly soft with a good driving position (which can I say is hugely important to me). The stereo and media system is fantastic and overall it comes with all the tools required to combat the winter months. (Heated seats/steering wheel, etc)

It is really just an overall fantastic new addition to the Kia Family, but the E-Niro still does a good job of being distinctly different. It looks pretty quirky, whether you love or hate it, You can't deny it's well defined. The current aesthetics are getting updated at the moment, so the next E-Niro and any received by customers will be the facelifted model. (Which is looking sharp, sleek and innovative.

But I’ve grown to love the look of the car, before AND after the update, I can't quite put my finger on it but it’s just endearing.

Coming on to driving the car. I LOVE IT. 

Nothing quite compares to driving an electric car for the first time. I’ve driven a lot of cars, a LOT. And to this day I still think the E-Niro has the biggest shock factor for me. It is very quick. There is absolutely no denying it, and it catches people by surprise; be that passengers, other cars, just anyone looking at this weird bubbly yet square SUV (Still no idea how they managed that combination of shapes). But getting back to driving the car, it is just fantastic, effortless and a pure dream to drive on the roads in. Acceleration is instant and whats more, it's so much more economical than some of our other vehicles, it's exciting to see how far Kia can go with their range.

 I think even the peace of mind in being able to just drive the car without thinking about it is a massive bonus!

Obviously one major point for people to think about is charging. And quite honestly, it’s easy. Obviously having a charge point at work is incredibly lucky, but it is so easy to charge the car... You can download an App called “Zap-Map” which will essentially show you all available charging points, private and public, that you can use. It will tell you what charger it is, if it is available and if currently being used, how long until the current charge finishes. It's honestly such a fantastic tool for anyone thinking of getting an electric car. It’s worth people downloading it to check what charge points are available to them locally. I’ve used a public charge point a couple of times and it was SO easy. Plus due to them being more powerful, the car was 80% charged in about 30 minutes. If you have the room to charge at home however you can get chargers fitted for as little as £279 with our partner PodPoint.

All in all living with an electric car is easy, sometimes easier than a petrol. I would highly recommend people open up to the idea and just give them a go. It may surprise you...