Kia's Enhanced UVO Connect App

Kia has revealed a sleek new look for its UVO Connect app, the vehicle telematics system that makes driving an easier and more intuitive experience. The update includes enhanced graphics, revised menus and added functionality, making it even easier for customers to stay connected to their car and in control of their vehicle’s settings. 

The UVO Connect app allows users to remotely access vehicle information such as trip data and statistics, vehicle location and lock status. EV owners can use the app to set climate control levels, view their vehicle’s charging status, plan smart charging schedules and check the range radius based on the remaining charge.

Customers can also use the in-car UVO Connect system to pre-set satellite navigation routes, change vehicle settings such as radio and Bluetooth preferences, and check traffic information, parking availability and the locations and pricing for fuel stations and EV charging points. The updated UVO Connect app features new icons with enhanced graphics for a cleaner, more personalised feel.

An image of the owner’s model is now displayed alongside updated symbols designed to be more intuitive to use. A new customisable home menu offers shortcuts to frequently used functions for easier in-app navigation, while users can also check their vehicle’s connection status and more easily view calendar appointments and weather information.

A revised settings menu enhances security and the user experience further by utilising haptic feedback and featuring improved biometric identification.

Customers can also access the ‘last mile navigation’ and ‘valet parking mode’* functions when activated, directly from the app’s home screen. ‘Last mile navigation’ helps customers navigate to their final destination via the app once their car is parked, while ‘Valet Parking Mode’ enables customers to monitor their vehicle remotely when its being driven by someone else, providing added peace of mind. Customers can also use the updated UVO Connect app to navigate from their current location to the location of their parked car using augmented reality (AR) guidance.

Jason Jeong, President at Kia Europe and Kia Connect, commented: “Our revised UVO Connect app provides a seamless connection between owner, vehicle and environment, and is further evidence of Kia's growing presence in the world of innovative mobility services.”

Kia’s updated UVO Connect app is available now and can be downloaded via the Google Play and Apple App stores.