Kia Android Auto

Using a smartphone whilst driving can be distracting and dangerous. But with Kia's Android Auto technology, your smart phone is integrated with your Kia Navigation system, allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road as most of the functions use voice control. With four main options, Navigation, Phone, Information and Music, you can control the infotainment system using your voice.

Navigation: whilst stationary, you can apply the postcode, or use google to search for your desired location using a keyboard integrated on the touchscreen display. Alternatively, if you are on the move, click the voice button on the steering wheel and use voice recognition. Simply use a command such as "Navigate to Eastbourne, East Sussex" and the navigation will be updated.

Phone: Take and make calls safely whilst driving. You can use Voice recognition, similar to the navigation, and command "Call Sam". The system will use your phone book as a reference and start a call using the name saved on your phone. The system also has text read-out functionality and you can respond to messages with your voice too.

Music: Apps such as Spotify and Google Play and compatible with Android Auto. Whilst stationary or on the move, you can select the music menu, and play your favourite songs or playlists, with a few simple clicks. Voice recognition is also enabled here, so you can just ask to play a certain song using your voice.

Information: this is the ideal screen to be on whilst on the move, as this acts as an overview of Android Auto.The information menu gives you details of any music you are currently playing, any missed calls or messages, traffic and navigation updates, and any up-coming calendar appointments you have.

It's quick and easy to set-up. Simply download the Android Auto App onto your smart phone, and enable Android Auto on your vehicle* within the settings of your navigation system. It's worth noting that Android Auto can only be enabled whilst stationary, so do not try and connect whilst on the move.



*Note all Kia Vehicles are compatible with Android Auto. To find out if your Kia is Android Auto enabled, contact us in branch today.​