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Kia Connected Services

Kia connected services gives you up-to-date information on latest traffic alerts, speed cameras, points of interest, and weather news using WiFi via your smart phone. To set up Kia Connected Services, you'll need to set up a WiFi Hotspot on your smartphone, and connect your Kia Vehicle via the settings > WiFi Settings and make sure that WiFi is set to "on". Click on the WiFi network list and select you Mobiles Hotspot.

Once connected to the internet, Traffic information on your route will be available, giving you information on ETA and any potential hold-ups. Speed cameras will also be displayed on your navigation system, alerting you of the limit and it's location. Points of interest is a helpful addition, which can gives you easily accessible information with just a few taps. For example, if you type in "restaurant" in the search, and the system will display restaurants in your current area. Weather forecasts is the latest addition to connected services, which gives you accurate weather information over the next few days at your location. You can also search other locations too, helpful if you are planning a trip.

Kia connected services aren't available on all Kia's so contact us in branch to see if your Kia is compatible.